Ahavah: The Story of Christmas

One night shortly before Christmas, people flood the streets looking for that last minute gift, running late for parties, and absorbing the sights of the season. Alexandra has lost her mother in the bustle of the crowd. Catching sight of a homeless man huddled on a bench, Alexandra feels compassion for him but is too afraid to approach him. Instead, she enters a toy store where she sees everything a child could desire. Rather than purchasing a bright new toy, she decides to give all the money she has to the homeless man. In return, he gives her an old book. Curious, she starts to turn the pages. Without warning, the pages begin to come alive and Alexandra is swept off into the story…


Light slowly grows and God the Creator fashions people in His image. He places them in a beautiful garden to tend His creation. A wicked serpent creeps onto the scene, tempting the humans to leave their close relationship with God and disobey His instructions. They choose to believe the lies of the serpent, ruining the perfect creation, severing their relationship with their loving God, and bringing evil and death into the world. The great Creator and loving Father mourns the separation the people’s sin has brought. He begins to work out a plan to heal, repair, and restore the creation to its rightful state.


Many years later, a young woman, Mary, is engaged to Joseph, a carpenter in the little town of Nazareth. At the same time, in the capital city of Jerusalem, the priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth long for a child in their old age. While serving in the temple of God, Zechariah is visited by an angel who tells him he will have a son, John, who will tell of the coming Savior. Mary is also visited by the angel. God has chosen her to mother His Son and true King of His people. Although she is a virgin, Mary will give birth to Jesus, Emmanuel, “God with us”, who will take away all the sin and evil in the world and restore the people to a relationship with their Father in heaven. However, Joseph is not so easily convinced that the baby is from God and Mary goes to her cousin Elizabeth for comfort. She finds out that Elizabeth is a part of God’s radical plan for humanity’s salvation. After being reassured by the angel, Joseph is reunited with Mary.


Due to a royal decree by the tyrannical ruler, Mary and Joseph must travel to over-crowded Bethlehem for a census and to pay taxes. Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus in a stable because there is no room for them in the inn. Greeted by the hosts of heaven, baby Jesus is soon visited by local shepherds and wise men from afar. Meanwhile, the evil ruler, who feels threatened by the promise of this new King,  plots to kill the new baby. The Prince of Darkness continues contriving to destroy God’s plan of Salvation and sows evil wherever he can.


In spite of many difficulties the baby Jesus escapes and grows up to become a man. Reaching out to all, Jesus spreads the news of God’s rescue mission for humanity to everyone and brings healing to the troubled people around him. Some listen to Him and accept His invitation of new life. However, many refuse to accept Jesus and His message and, led astray by the lies of the Prince of Darkness, plot to destroy him.


Finally, the enemies of Jesus surround Him. Knowing that He can only save the world by dying, Jesus willingly gives Himself up. The Prince of Darkness is confident that the victory is his and that he will have humanity under his wicked rule forever. Jesus is brutally killed. Heartbroken and afraid, His friends bury Him and hide away. The messenger returns with glorious news: Jesus is alive! He has overcome death and vanquished the Prince of Darkness. His followers rejoice in His victory and the restoration of their relationship with God.
Suddenly, Alexandra finds herself  back in her own city where she first saw the homeless man. After reading the story she closes the book in disbelief. She struggles to accept all she has just witnessed. Can this story really be true? Alexandra chooses to accept the life and love for which Jesus paid so much. As she goes to return the book to the homeless man, to her surprise and joy, He reveals himself as Jesus from the story. The story is truly alive!